Experience the Nature and Feel the Thrill at Tree Top Adventure Baguio!

Words by: Philip Andaya
Photos by: Alexander Caramat


Baguio City, the country’s summer capital, is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. “The City of Pines” is always a top destination for vacations and weekend trips because of its proximity to Manila and cooler climate.

While a lot has changed here over the years, there are still lots of scenic spots reminiscent of the Baguio of the old such as parks and flower gardens, a great range of places to eat, and top hotels and city comforts.

Camp John Hay is one of the most popular recreational areas and tourist destinations in Baguio, with several lodges, restaurants and parks. Popular landmarks here include the Cemetery of Negativism, Bell House and the amphitheater where you can walk among beautiful flowers in bloom.

For those looking for something fun to do aside from just sightseeing, the Treetop Adventure inside the Camp John Hay has several thrilling rides that you can enjoy.

The Tree Top Adventure Baguio is the only theme park in the Philippines with motorized activities plus different kinds of zip line adventure in the heart of nature: Superman, Canopy Ride, Tree Drop, Silver Surfer, Trekking, Sky Walk and more to be added soon.


Signature Rides and Attractions:

Superman Ride

 Take off from a tower to a zip line adventure that can launch you into a superhero flight, face first (alone or with another rider) from an elevation 150 feet high over a ravine

Canopy Ride

Travel through trees 100 feet above the ground using a network of five motorized cable rides, and see nature from an entirely new perspective.

Tree Drop Adventure

Are you brave enough to experience the ultimate rappelling adventure down the side of a 60-foot tree? This is definitely the biggest Treetop free fall thrill!

Silver Surfer

Surf into the wind with a fellow rider, and glide from one treetop to another, while seeing an unmatched view of the forest wilderness.


The Treetop Adventure experience aims to promote a greater appreciation of nature in its rugged beauty, and native ecosystems. 

Sky Walk

Enjoy the cool Baguio weather while strolling through pine trees in the park’s own “yellow road” which takes you right in the middle of nature, lending amazing views of Baguio’s peaks and mountainside 100 feet above the ground.

When in Baguio, make sure you drop by the Tree Top Adventure and experience nature tripping from a breathtaking view from 100 feet above the ground. Find inner peace as you go through a natural sanctuary hidden by foliage, or take this opportunity to conquer your fear of heights.

For more information about bookings and entrance, please visit their website at www.treetopadventureph.com

Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay
Loakan Road, Baguio City
T: +6374-442-0800
M: +63932-404-1112 / +63927-555-9144
E: treetopadventureph@gmail.com

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