Lit from Within

Lit from Within

Words by: Tim Pijuan Corpuz-Ng


I am a foundation junkie. Some maybe addicted to lippies or mascaras or eyeliners but as for me I love foundations. In fact, if you’d see my vanity table right now, you’d find there 8 different bottles of it both drugstore and high-end brands. “How on Earth would I finish them all since I only have one face, you ask me?” Well, beats me especially that I have a new apple of the eye errr… face I mean, I honestly don’t get to use any of them at all.

I just couldn’t stop raving about MOSP’s Luminous Moisturizing CC Cream with SPF50 +/P A+++ ever since I have tried it a couple of months ago. It’s the only thing that I use on my face now every time I go out. Even though I did say that I’m fond of foundations, I still am not a fan of full coverage ones. They drink in all the moisture of my skin, settle on fine lines and wrinkles and also create dry and flaky patches on some parts of my face. Ughhh…I just hate that kind of formulation. I lean towards the more natural look as if it’s my second skin that’s why I’m cray cray for this CC cream! ❤

Luminous Moisturizing CC Cream with SPF50 +/P A+++


Claim to fame:

Luminous Moisturizing CC (Color Correcting/Corrector) Cream expresses natural beige color, which creates bright and healthy look on your skin. When you apply the product on the skin, the 3 color capsules break in minute particles and turn into natural beige tone. Its porous powder maintains your skin moisturized throughout the day. It provides sun block, whitening and anti-wrinkle effects.






If for instance I saw this in the store shelves and I didn’t have any inkling as to how good this product really is, I’d still buy it in a heartbeat. Why? Because first of all it’s in bubble gum pink, second of all the packaging is very appealing to pink addicts like me and third and definitely not the least it screams Kiiikaaayyy! Nuff said! 😀 Moreover, it comes in a tube with removable cap so that means I can squeeze everything out and the contents won’t get stuck in the cap. Neat, huh?


Product and Scent:

This CC Cream comes in 50g unlike the other brands in the market that are usually just 30g full. When squeezed onto the palm, the product comes off as very white almost the same color as a liquid paper with tiny specks of grayish blue like microbeads upon closer look. When blended, a shade comes to life and slowly adapts to the color of your skin upon continuous spreading and rubbing. It dries into a smooth and seamless powder almost like silicone in texture.


Directions for use:

Two full squeezes at the back of my hand (to warm it up) is enough for my face and upper neck already. I usually put small dots all over the areas mentioned before I begin spreading and blending it. I did not find any difficulty in its application, it melds so beautifully into your skin as if you are actually wearing it. You know what I mean? Some foundations just sit on top of your skin but this get absorbed quite easily. To make it long wearing, I set it sparingly with MOSP’s Face Vita Brightening Pact (more on this in my next review). 😉



To think that I was hesitant at first to even try this because of my past traumatic experience with a bigwig international brand with similar technology. It said that it has an intuitive blend that it will automatically adapt to your natural skin tone but by golly, no matter how hard I tried to rub and blend it in, it did not even come close to my color. It looked ashy and made me look like death was already knocking on my door.

I tried it first on my hand and when I saw that it was nowhere near like that pathetic excuse for a foundation, I applied it on my face using my fingers and the rest was history! I fell in love hook, line and sinker! I was in too deep at once and I just couldn’t stop using it anymore. I’m afraid that I might have withdrawal syndrome if I do. 😀 It’s like finding your soulmate in piles of hay or in a sea of words. I am not over exaggerating; it really felt like that. The search for that one CC cream that fits like a glove on a hand is finally over. Setting this with MOSP’s powder is just the most perfect combination ever to achieve that flawless, luminous and youthful lit from within look.


I don’t know if you can see the difference, I hope you do. My apologies but this is the best that I can get from my phone’s camera. You may notice that the one with the product’s a tad darker than my skin tone but when applied on the face it quickly adjusts to the color of my neck and that’s the most important thing to consider in choosing your foundation/BB or CC cream.

I am a rather veiny person. In truth, I have even more prominent veins on my face. And knowing that the finish of this is more on the dewy side, I already managed my expectations that the coverage will be sheer and won’t be enough to hide my veins but I don’t mind at all because a concealer can do that job just fine.

+ applies smoothly
+ blends seamlessly
+ adapts perfectly to your skin tone
+ hydrating
+ non-sticky
+ glowing/luminous effect
+ non-irritating

I actually can’t think of anything. How about that, huh? 😀


Final thoughts:

I still can’t attest to its provision of sunblock and inclusion of whitening and anti-wrinkle properties because I haven’t even reached the third month yet in using this. Personally, I think that it would take that amount of time for any product before obvious effects in relation to beneficial claims such as those mentioned can be noticed. I only have love for this CC cream and nothing more so of course The Beautyrazzi is giving this a whopping 5/5 seal of approval. ❤

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