Man Of The World 2017 Preliminary Competition

Words by U-Ned Algabre

Photos by Rosvic Castro, Angela Camquin, Lanie Adorna and Ryan Sedan

The House Manila club at the Remington Hotel was raining men last night during the Man Of The World 2017 preliminary competition. The men flaunted their physique as well as their dashing formal wear, but out of these gorgeous candidates, only three were given special awards courtesy of the pageant’s sponsors. Malta’s Iven Mercieca and Australia’s James Carne were both named as 727 Cosmetic’s Face Of The Evening, while Philippines’ Chris Dulagan took home the Koji San Man Award and the Diana Stalder Special Choice Award. By tomorrow, one of these men will be chosen as the Man Of The World 2017. Clearly, there were crowd favorites since the day they were presented to the media until last night, but who among these men possess the greatest potential to be the perfect advocate as an education ambassador?
After several activities and pre-final competitions, there were candidates who stood out among the rest. But among them, these are the top candidates who we think have the most impressive characters and physical appearances. Here are our top picks for the Man Of The World title.

1. Palestine
2. Moldova
3. Philippines
4. Puerto Rico
5. Egypt
6. Vietnam
7. Australia
8. Japan
9. Spain
10. Gibraltar
11. England
12. Sri Lanka
13. Korea
14. Colombia
15. Guam


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