Misters of Filipinas 2017: Elevating The Philippine Male Pageant Scene

Words by: Danica Gumera
Photos by: Angela Camaquin and Ryan Sedan

Last September, the official candidates of Misters of Filipinas 2017 were formally presented to the members of media at Matrix Events Venue in Quezon City. It was an honor to be invited and witness the candidates who wanted to make a change and contribute to our society.

Prime Events Production Phil’s (PEPPS) produced the event and has been in the industry for 5 magnificent years. According to Mr. Galang, the President of PEPPS, it may not seem entirely smooth because there were some roadblocks along the way; this year’s batch proves that it is going to be stronger. After months of casting calls all over the country –including Filipino communities abroad, the long search is finally over. These men came from different backgrounds— as a model, student, host and other professions. The candidates have strong desires to win the title and represent the Philippines. They are well trained to be dedicated in competing in various international male pageants to become the next Neil Perez (Mister International) and Karan Singhdole (Man of the Year 2016).

Each of us prepared a series of questions for the Q&A sessions. I chose candidate #8 Mr. Hawaii, Yves Campos and candidate # 7, Mr. Germany, Rubi Kust by asking “What current policy would you want to change?” Both of their answers were related to corruption. They clearly explained why their idea could help our nation be better. The official candidates were able to answer promptly. It only shows that they were trained well through activities that develop their character and social awareness.

We were then asked to vote for our favorite bet based on the result of Q&A sessions , and by how they model on the runway wearing the designer’s Mister’s shirt, resort wear, and swimwear by Limuel Rosos. Out of 24 Official candidates, the Media’s Choice at the culmination of the event was Carlo Passion of Laoag City. I also got the chance to interview one of them and asked what their long-term plans are after the competition. Some of them might enter showbiz or continue their modelling career but will never forget to prioritize their advocacy: reaching out to the people.

According to Mr. Galang, it is merely important that the candidates must become a positive role model to their communities and country. Which is why the slogan of Misters of Filipinas and Man of the World is “Masculinity with Responsibility”. It’s not just having a gorgeous body and handsome face, but they should develop a sense of community as they evolve in becoming the best versions of themselves in order to contribute to the society. Each of the candidates has their own stories but all became successful with their endeavors.

The official candidates had their photoshoot for both swimwear and fashion wear by one of the most influential celebrity photographer, David Fabros. Competitors had their first exposure in fashion photography. The candidates got to showcase their modeling skills in their swimwear by Raymond Saldana. We can’t wait to see them wear their designer suits on the Finals Night! There will also be upcoming activities such as fitness challenges, ethnic costume competition and so on.

We would like to thank the sponsors for making this event possible. We are all excited who among the official candidates will make the mark and be hailed as “Misters of Filipinas 2017”.

Watch the Misters of Filipinas 2017 Grand Coronation Night on September 30, 2017 at 6:00 pm, at the One Esplanade, Pasay City.


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