MOSP PH’s Skin Brightening Essential Dew

MOSP PH’s Skin Brightening Essential Dew

by Tim Pijuan Corpuz-Ng


For somebody who has just started to have a skin care routine and not so knowledgeable when it comes to skin care products, imagine my confusion when I was given this to review. I was told during the meet-up that this is a combination of both a serum and an emulsion. And I was just bobbing my head and smiling like a fool pretending that I knew exactly what was being said when in fact, I haven’t got a clue. So when I came home that was the first thing that I have checked online and found out that emulsion is thinner than a moisturizer in consistency which is less likely to irritate your skin or clog your pores whereas a serum though pricier is highly concentrated and designed to target specific skin problems and also helps in absorption of your moisturizer or emulsion. You see, it’s like winning the jackpot! Instead of using two separate products, you only need to purchase one and get the amazing benefits of emulsion and serum equally. How great is that, right?

I’d be reviewing MOSP PH’s Skin Brightening Essential Dew for the last installment in this skin care series.


Skin Brightening Essential Dew


Claim to fame:

Skin Brightening Essential Dew is a combination of serum and emulsion in a bottle. Skin Brightening Essential Dew simplifies skin care steps by using high enriching serum texture, which causes no skin irritation. Thanks to the crisp texture, the booster can be quickly absorbed into the skin so that it can soothe and moisturize skin. Applied after Skin Brightening Dreamed Booster, Skin Brightening Essential Dew alone can manage all the basic skin care at night. One of the major ingredients, Niacinamide, which is certified as a skin whitening ingredient by KFDA, makes your skin clear and bright. The moisturizing factor, hyaluronic acid, helps your skin to remain strong against anti- inflammation and hydration. Only small amount of Skin Brightening Essential Dew can bring successful results because of its high concentration. Functional essential emulsion for skin-whitening and moisturizing.





This looks almost identical to the Skin Dreamed Booster (toner). Same hues of neon green/white for the box and frosted bottle with sea green gel inside. Even the white cap and the removable dispenser pump are the same. They could easily be mistaken for the other if not for the name and consistency.


Product and Scent:

The product also comes in 150 ml bottle just like the toner. This does not smell so strongly of plant extract unlike the previously reviewed products. It maybe because this is a lot lighter in formulation than the two. There’s quite a perfume scent in this one but not overpowering. I like that it smells like freshly laundered clothes with fabric softener. It is gel like in consistency but a lot thicker in my opinion compared to other water-based gel moisturizers.


Directions for use:

Three full pumps on the palm of my hand was already sufficient to cover both my face and neck. I applied it in upward outward motion starting on the u-zone. And since it has hyaluronic acid known for its anti-aging properties to maintain youthful and healthy looking skin, I usually put more product on the areas that needed a little bit more care like my laugh lines, wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. I massaged the parts for a few seconds to let the product really get deep into the skin and allowed it to target the specific skin problems.



I made sure not to use other products on my face for a month so I could effectively and thoroughly review the products. I find this somewhat sticky on the face once applied. It’s not hard to spread and feels cool on the skin as well but it takes a while for it to get dry. In fact, I stroked my face after maybe 10 minutes but it was still a little bit tacky. Regarding its anti-aging and brightening claims, I haven’t noticed much yet. There’s a glowing effect though upon waking up after I leave it on overnight. The next morning, my skin would look very hydrated and quite luminous. But what I love most about this is it makes your skin baby soft and velvety smooth to touch.

+ feels fresh and cool
+ moisturizing
+ hydrating
+ doesn’t sting
+ glowing/luminous effect
+ non-irritating

-quite sticky/tacky
-did not notice any skin lightening yet

Final thoughts:

I haven’t been using it long enough to be able to prove or refute all of its claims. But so far, I am truly liking it. If it’s not for its tackiness, I would have given it a higher rating. The Beautyrazzi is giving this a 4/5 seal of approval.

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