MOSP Skin Brightening Dreamed Booster

MOSP Skin Brightening Dreamed Booster


I’m a nub cake when it comes to skin care. It was only last year that it caught my fancy not because I don’t think I needed it but because any routine that’s more than two steps is just too much for a lazy gal like me. Aside from moisturizer, I haven’t really used anything else to maintain the health of my skin. I do drink liters and liters of water every day though and I thought that was enough until dark under eye, fine lines and wrinkles started to creep in. That was my wake up call. I knew that I should be dead serious in taking care of my skin so I started reading and researching about different skin care products for my skin type which by the way is very dry.
I stumbled upon an article about toner, one of Austin-based dermatologist said that it’s overrated and a complete waste of time. He said that it came into fashion when cleansers were not yet pH-balanced leaving an acidic residue on the skin that toners balanced. And now since most of the cleansers are already balanced, using a toner has become completely unnecessary. Since I don’t know much anything about the subject I believed him and for a while there I really thought I don’t have a need for it not knowing the other benefits that I can get from using one. And by the way, I have checked his website months after and found out that he was selling daily toner pads at $48 per jar!?! What gives, huh?
Toners usually are most helpful and vital for people with oily or acne prone-skin. But it also aids in shrinking pores, adding a layer of protection, refreshing and moisturizing the skin, preventing ingrown facial hairs and the most important of all for me is providing extra cleansing after wearing makeup or other heavy skin products such as sunscreen.
So for my second installment on reviews about MOSP Philippines skin care products, I’d be talking about their toner. And it is called Skin Brightening Dreamed Booster. I have no idea why it was named this way. It must be “dreamed” by the one who formulated this. Just kidding, I totally don’t know. The choice of name is beyond me, really. 😉


Skin Brightening Dreamed Booster


Claim to fame:

Dreamed Booster for skin brightening, toner for all types of skin Day & Night. This highly enriched toning solution will be promptly absorbed in your skin and maintains your skin moist and clean throughout the day. Thanks to the crisp texture, the booster can be quickly absorbed into the skin so as to soothe and moisturize skin.
Abundant five vegetable extracts make your skin soft and smooth. One of the major ingredients, Niacinamide also known as Vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid – helps to restore damaged skin, antioxidant, has anti-aging properties and improves uneven skin tone., It is also certified as a skin whitening ingredient by KFDA, makes your skin clear and bright.






Product and Scent:

At 150 ml, it’s a lot more compared to regular toners of 50-100 ml. It still smells like plant sap and maybe that’s where the green tinge in the liquid was derived from when I made a once-over in the bottle. But when poured on the palm, it looks transparent and very watery. No hint of alcohol whatsoever in the smell. That’s6 a good sign because it means that it’s really all natural.


Directions for use:

I used three pumps on a cotton pad, it was wet but not soaking. It was enough already to cleanse and remove the remaining dirt and makeup gunk that the cleanser was not able to take off. I got very little residues on the cotton meaning that the cleanser was 99.9% effective in taking away excess oil, grime and muck. 😉



I have been using this for a month now as part of my very own MOSP 3-step skin care regimen. This is already a stretch because I usually stop at two. ( But I have no regrets at all because it really is very gentle on the skin. It did not cause redness, no tingling sensation, any allergic reaction or irritation. In fact, I conducted a little experiment and wetted the middle of the cotton pad, placed it on a spoon and lit it with a candle to check if it has alcohol and as you can see the surrounding area of the cotton got burnt but the part with the product did not produce even just a little flame. This is a fool proof test if you want to know if your toner is really alcohol-free as it claims to be.


+ soft & gentle on the skin
+ alcohol-free
+ easily absorbed
+ all natural
+ no redness
+ doesn’t sting
+ non-irritating

-did not notice that my skin became clearer and brighter


Final thoughts:

I can’t really say much about its anti-aging properties and improvement of uneven skin tone, restoration of damaged skin and skin whitening since I have only been on it for a month. I did not notice any changes yet on my fine lines and wrinkles and also on my skin discoloration. I have no breakouts, acne scars or pimple marks so I really can’t comment on its skin rejuvenation claim. My skin tone is already fair enough so if it is really effective in skin whitening, I don’t think it would still be noticeable. 😉 I was really impressed by this since I was kind of expecting it to suck in all the moisture of my already very dry skin but it did not. In fact, it was rather moisturizing for a toner and I really liked it. The Beautyrazzi is giving this a 4.5/5 seal of approval.

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