Stylistas In The Scene

Photos by Angela Camaquin

The fashion whirl of the four day long Manila Fashion festival has just concluded and the style lords and ladies could now leave their closets at peace for a day or two while recalling their voguish indulgences in Instagram. The last two days of the event still had these fashionistas flocking in the Marquee tent of Shangri-la EDSA hotel and hobnob at the after show socials. Check out Scene Zone’s list of some of these stylistic butterflies. And we’re pretty sure this song will pop in your mind as you browse through.
“You have to show a look, have a look, or give a look
Faces, beautiful
No one ugly allowed
Are you ready? Here we go.”

Julian Culas

Ann Jacobe

Sara Kae

Jaffy Gotauco

Jol Galang

Jun Jun Ablaza

Consul Mellie Ablaza

Czarina Ablaza Syquia

Michele Sison

Evangeline Conliffe

Levenson Rodriguez

Chicklet Allado

K Long

Keith Oskee Angelo

Yurika Albaladejo

Ron Ramiro

Yen Salamoding

U-Ned Algabre of Scene Zone

Hacket Dasigan of Scene Zone

Jenny Sibulo of Scene Zone

Arvin Cruz of Scene Zone

Monika Abad

Bambi Camus

Austin Cortiguerra

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