The Old New Kid on the Block

The Old New Kid on the Block

by Tim Pijuan Corpuz-Ng


There’s an old new player when it comes to Korean skin care and boy, this one’s a real bang for your buck!
I mentioned old because it has been around for 3 years already and new because it has been gussied up to make it look more enticing, hip and trendy to appeal to a younger demographic. I can’t wait for its official relaunch. 😉 I’m talking about MOSP Philippines pronounced as “\mo.sip\”. It is a Korean word, which means “beauty from within”.

It’s Hanacos Co., Limited’s brainchild, their very own brand. The company is well known for developing, manufacturing and selling masstige skincare and cosmetics such as Etude House, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Holika Holika & Missha to name a few. One Pharma Company, Inc. Skincare & Maquillage will carry the brand in the Philippines.

And so far, I must say that they do live up to their name because using their products will actually make you feel beautiful inside and out. Anyway, as my initial salvo I’m going to start with the very first step in any skincare routine: cleansing.



MOSP Face Dirt Remover and Pore Cleanser


Claim to fame:

Face Dirt Remover & Pore Cleanser contains five-color vegetable extracts and pore cleansing powder. Phytogenic detergent agent in this foam makes every part of your face clean.

High enriching five-color vegetable extracts provide you with extensive moisturization. Pore cleansing powder cleans your deep face pores. Functional cleansing foam for skin-whitening and moisturizing.




It is in a bold and vibrant yellow green tube almost neon already and it comes with a box of the same hue. Anything in a tube is a plus for me since it means that I can get every last drop from it. I love that the color though a little bit striking is still easy on the eyes. But I think you should know that I am a sucker for bright colors so there.

Product and Scent:

The amount of product is ample at 120g. I was looking forward to have some kind of entertainment making bubble foam beards but I was let down because I could not even make a decent lather out of it. It does say though that it will form rich bubbles that’s why I had high hopes for some bubbly and foamy fun. 😞 Its smell is not off-putting if plant extract scent is okay with you. I wasn’t bothered by it, it was rather mild in my opinion and sort of evaporates when applied. The cleanser is mint green colored and a little bit tooth pasty in texture.


Directions for use:

I think it can be applied both on dry and wet skin but I like wetting mine first. I squeezed a tad bit more than a pea-sized amount on my hand for my face and neck already. I mixed it in with two palm full of water and made a lather before applying it in an outward upward motion. I massaged it gently on my face and neck, made sure that all the areas were covered and also to push the product further in on my skin before I rinsed it with lukewarm water and patted it dry.



I’ve been using this product for more than a month now and it did not break me out. My skin’s not too sensitive to start with but there are certain brands that my skin hates and I must say that my skin loves this. I already anticipated that it might sting a little when I put it around the perimeter of my eyes but it did not and I was quite surprised but happy that it didn’t because it only means that it doesn’t contain soap. It is a very gentle cleanser that’s so easy to apply and easier to rinse off. I am not too sure about the skin whitening claim though. I already have fair skin so I don’t think I’d be the right person to ask about it. But overall, this is a good value for money product. It is worth your every penny. 😉

+Softens skin
+Feels squeaky clean
+Doesn’t sting

-Can’t make foam beards (yup, this is essential to me)
-Can’t remove makeup


Final thoughts:

I wish that it is capable of removing my makeup too so I don’t have to use a makeup remover before this cleanser. It never did claim that it can since it only says Face Dirt Remover but I wish it did so I can do away with that leg in my skin care regimen. But just the same it does what it’s supposed to do and that’s to remove the dirt from your face and cleanse your pores. So for that, I am giving this 4.5/5 of The Beautyrazzi’s seal of approval and yes I’d definitely recommend this too.

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