Your Perfect Companion

by Tim Pijuan Corpuz Ng

I usually avoid BB creams like plague. Not for anything else but because BB Creams are full coverage and having a very, very dry skin, I just know that it wouldn’t work for me. So, when this product was given to me for review, I had second thoughts. BUT I’m awfully glad that I listened to that tiny voice inside my head to try it for I’ve got really nothing to lose. And so I did, and I must say this is just as amazing as my hands down favorite Luminous Moisturizing CC cream.

Perfect Blemish Moisture Balm SPF50+/PA+++


Claim to fame:
This BB (Blemish Balm) Cream contains 5 vegetable extracts and has sun block function to protect your skin from UVA and UVB daily providing light skin coverage. This is effective against wrinkles and helps to keep your skin healthy. This does not only serve as a foundation but also functions as BB cream. The soft crisp texture provides you with a refreshing touch. This BB Cream helps your skin tone clear for a long time and for easy powder application. Its effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties also prevents skin aging.



I love pastel colors too. I don’t know if I mentioned that in my past write ups but I really do. Actually, I dig this butter lemon yellow hue better than a school bus yellow color. I find this more chic and sophisticated and is reminiscent of a cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot and sultry day. It also comes in a tube with a removable white cap while the box has a tie dye effect of light orange and yellow.

Product and Scent:

Just like the Luminous Moisturizing CC Cream, this is also in 50g. Still 20g more than the usual BB creams.
I squeezed it on the back of my hand alongside with the CC Cream for comparison. It is true to its color, it did not come off as a white cream unlike the former. Even when blended, this looks tad darker compared to the CC Cream so it’s safe to say that this is for Medium-Semidark skin tones. I said semi because this might be too light for women of color. It also has a really feel good scent of flower blossoms.

Directions for use:

In the past, when I forget to warm up the product at the back of my hand, it becomes patchy and hard to blend upon application but not with this BB cream. I applied this directly from the tube by placing dots on the four quadrants of my face. I used my fingertips like I always do for this type of products. I blended and rubbed it in an outward upward motion and it blended so smoothly and seamlessly. It was quite dark on my complexion but the difference was not that glaring. In fact, I honestly think that if set with the Face Vita Brightening Pact, it would look as good as the Luminous Moisturizing CC Cream on me.


The Perfect Blemish Moisture Balm is MOSP’s Skin Care & Maquillage collection’s dark horse. This really surprised me by leaps and bounds. Frankly speaking, this used to be my least favorite product of theirs because I thought that this would be too thick in consistency and will leave a heavy feeling when worn. It was not like that at all. This is like the Luminous Moisturizing CC Cream’s twin only darker in color and fuller in coverage.
Though this does hide more skin blemishes and flaws, it still cannot totally cover redness and my prominent veins. But then again nothing that a trusty concealer cannot do.
For a BB cream, this leans on the dewy and glowy finish and not the perfectly matte type one. I intentionally did not put any powder on top of it to test it’s actual longevity. After about 3 hours of wear, aside from some oil on my nose and forehead that crept in, it still looked good when blotted a little. It did not settle on the extra dry areas of my face like around my nose, on the tip of my nose, my right cheek near the nose and my forehead.


+ applies smoothly
+ blends seamlessly
+ non-drying
+ non-sticky
+ dries quickly
+ does not settle on dry areas
+ dewy/glowy effect
+ doesn’t feel heavy


Aside from the color that is not my skin tone, all’s good.

Final thoughts:

Since I have just used this once because it’s quite dark on me, I really can’t speak much about its other benefits such as sun protection, whitening and anti-aging. But just the same, I would highly recommend this to those whose skin tone it caters. With that, The Beautyrazzi is still giving this BB cream an awesome 4.5/5 seal of approval.

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